Truth Be Told: The Fight Against Plagiarism & Fabrication in Print Media

BlueEyedPhoenixJoshua Pramis wrote the Welcome To My World column as BlueEyedPhoenix. Here is his Backwash story.

Starting during my freshman year of college (2002/2003), Backwash was my first public-facing writing gig. I can’t remember how many columns I wrote, but by the end I was writing for three branches of the site — regular, adult and pets — as well as adminning the GLBTUu community. Backwash helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life, and helped me decide to major in journalism. An internship with the Nashua Telegraph (based in NH) brought about my first print byline, writing for the newspapers in education section.

Shortly after graduating in 2006, I started working for the travel + leisure digital team. I worked my way from freelancer to assistant research editor to associate digital editor and finally social media editor. While with t+l, I penned roughly 175 articles and blog posts, launched and maintained the magazine’s social media accounts, edited the in-book tech travel page and acted as liaison between the online and print editorial teams and digital production teams.

I left t+l in February 2007 to pursue freelance writing and worked extensively for (see here) and to a lesser extent, Conde Nast Traveler digital, with whom I am still in talks with. My full-time job now is working as a social media consultant and publicist for Max Borges Agency, which represents solely on tech-related companies.

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