backwash columnist glamkittyGlamKitty wrote the Eclectic GlamKitty Living Despite The Odds column and was listed on the Backwash masthead as a Contributing Editor. She authored and moderated the Are you kitsch-able?, Politics and World Affairs, Science isn’t Just for Geeks, Working With The Web, and Women’s Room, newsletters. She also moderated 10 channels, as well as the following communities:

– Science Fiction
– Buddhas, Bibles & Broomsticks
– Feminists In Makeup
– Grounded for 18 Years
– Pet Lovers
– The War on Pop Culture
– Where Are They Now?
– Intellectual
– Discordianism & Guerilla Ontology
– Political Crossfire
– Self Employed or Self Implode

GlamKitty’s BW profile:

Now 40, but nowhere near dead… Adores vintage-including worship of the bombshells of the silver screen, old fabrics & random collections as whims allow…

Decadence becomes me.

The column is titled ‘eclectic’ which is a fancy way of saying I get off topic… On my tombstone it will say ‘But I digress.’

I can’t help it.

I would apologize, but that would be insincere, & no one likes that, do they?

As an ‘older woman’ I am proud to carry the banner for lipstick feminism, flirty good times, and a general lust – err, for life, but sometimes it is just plain lust…

I own GlamKitty beauty products and Feline Fatale magazine, so stop by, stop & buy, whatever. *giggle*

She was also a member of The Unholy Trinity at Adult BW.

There was a human behind the glamorous feline facade. She and fellow BW columnist AzraelBrown began a whirlwind, long-distance romance in 2003 and shacked-up that same year. They married in 2004, and she went from Deanna Ferber to Deanna Dahlsad. And, yes, they remain happily married!

dpopprfileShe remains an opinionated woman obsessed with objects, entertained by ephemera, intrigued by researching, fascinated with culture — and addicted to writing. (You may recognize her as Pop Tart and/or by the kitschy blue poodle image.) She’s a paid columnist for several websites and newsletters, often under her own name even! She also runs her own websites, many of which cover the same topics she covered at BW. Here’s a short list:

Inherited Values
Kitsch Slapped
Things Your Grandmother Knew
Kitschy Kitschy Coo

Deanna has been featured in Collectors News, presented at the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) and Mountain-Plains Museums Association (MPMA) Joint Annual Conference in 2008 (Museums & Web 2.0: Slaying Dragons or Titlting at Windmills? Blogs, YouTube, MySpace – Using Social Networks for Museums), and items from her collection appear in museums and historical exhibits.

She & her husband have an antiques business, Fair Oaks Antiques aka We Have Your Collectibles. And, in her spare time, she does consulting and the like.

You can find her at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and curating at Scoop.It.