Bewitching lauraI remember writing at BackWash. My column began as Bewitching Vagabond and evolved into newsletters, forums and the same again on BackWash Kids and Adult BackWash. Part of the reason I miss BackWash are the very people who will be reading this and the other part is the writing itself. No where else have I had as much enjoyment writing and being published. I’ve written on a lot of sites and networks but only at BackWash could I write whatever was on my mind and not edit it for appearances, facts or marketing. I can remember coming to the site and being excited, wondering what nonsense I’d think up to write that day and… best of all, how great would my title be?

So, in the spirit of BackWash, I entitle this… There’s a Bug in my Salad and it’s Still Alive.

I haven’t done all the great things I thought I would have done. Keanu Reeves still doesn’t know I’m alive. I didn’t win money on the lottery, but on the plus side, I didn’t blow all my lottery winnings either. I never took up my fantasy career as a female hitman, just as well. I haven’t become known around the world as a newspaper columnist. I didn’t get married again but I haven’t given up; 5% of my brain actually thinks I would like to be married again.

I raised my nephew during his young years and now he is finishing up his first year of university and he thinks I’m awesome. I still talk to my ex-husband, my old friend from the time we were both 14 and met through snail mail letters. I think that’s a good thing. I’ve had my art published in two magazines, even if one never paid and the other mucked it up a bit.

I write all over the place. On the walls… no, but I do write for networks still and my own sites. I like Twitter. I curate on

My urban exploration photos are up on Flickr, though I haven’t updated from the trip I took over the summer.

Well, we are supposed to write these profiles. This is mine. Things are ok. I’m turning 50 at the end of this year – right at the end, no point in rushing into something like that. I don’t feel that old. I get up in the morning, look at myself in the mirror and I think that I may be an old bag but at least I don’t look like one yet. At one point I wrote on BackWash that I would never colour my hair… well, now I do. I can never find just the right shade, it always seems too dark and then it washes out and looks pretty good at just the time it needs to be coloured again. I’ve thought about letting it just go grey after I turn 50. But I bet I wont. It’s still long – though my Mother always says how much better it would look short. I like it trailing down my back with it’s swirls and curls. You have to keep something about yourself that makes you feel like you, the way you see yourself.

The bug in my salad has now walked out onto the handle of my fork. Pretty bold for a creature not very rare and entirely squishable.

The end.

Laura’s old BW profile read:

Canadian small biz grrl. Writing, web design/ CSS, indie publishing, ASCII art, pixel art, blogging, road trips, urban exploration, thrift stores, Earth Witchedness and general web geekery.

Laura can also be found at Facebook and at her websites, Ascii Artist, The Grrl, and Word Grrls.