Haunted Alarm Clock

Another BW flashback piece from AzraelBrown; originally published August 3, 2001.

I have a haunted alarm clock. Actually, when it started acting haunted, I figured it was just something electrical. The time just spins up and up and up at lightning speed. In the last few seconds, it went from 5:35 to 7:21.

Its hauntedness was first brought to my attention in the middle of the night. I had set the alarm for 6am. Like most mornings, when the alarm sounded I shut it off and went back to bed. After dozing off a little, I rolled back over to check the time, which now read 9:30 on the alarm clock.

Needless to say, the haunted alarm clock is evil.

It really was only 3am, so it wasn’t too bad. After that point, the haunted alarm clock became entertaining – word of the ghostly timepiece spread throughout my circle of friends. I bought a new alarm clock in the meantime, but I still kept the haunted one.

Today, the haunted alarm clock sits on my desk at work. It’s back to 5:45 again. Having it on my desk is better than letting it back in my house — one day I figured I’d blow some air into it, in hopes of fixing it. Something like this must be a short somewhere, and since all I ever did was use it to wake myself up in the morning, it must have just gotten dirty. It IS an old clock — I’ve had it since high school.

I bought some canned air at the office supply shop, and gave a quick blast into the vents on the back.

The ground below my feet opened up, and I fell into a horrible, hellish world full of monsters and demons. The burning air tore at my skin, and I was filled with a terror I had never known before. An ominous, formless body materialized before me and said four words: