Being a Witch on a Rainy Day

Being a Witch on a Rainy Day was written by Laura and published on November 28, 2001.

Its raining today, the sky has been grey from dawn and will remain so until dark. That’s not a bad thing. I actually like the rain, it gives all the plants a good watering before they go dormant for the winter. The plants are still green here but the blooms are finished.

I decided to create a little ritual for the day. Not for any special reason just something I thought I would enjoy doing. A little show of appreciation for Mother Earth.

I started by putting on warm socks. Witches get cold too! I put on my fleece jacket, picked up my purse and walked out the door. I didn’t need any special tools or a lot of planning. I know I can find everything I need as I go along, outside. In fact, that’s pretty much the point of the ritual.

I love wild things and the great outdoors. If anything is the centre of my Witchcraft its nature, wild things and the outdoors. In one word: life.

Back to the ritual. None of my rituals are formal. I don’t wear black or any special accessories. Sometimes I do have a special bit of something like a holiday pin, not today. I went across the street and had a coffee at the local diner. While I was there I put a paper package of sugar in my pocket. I don’t drink sugar with my coffee. I was going to use it for the Earth element of my ritual.

Outside again it was easy to find an Autumn leaf to become the Air element of the ritual. I walked along, enjoying the feel of the wind and rain. Of course, the rain was the Water element for me, I didn’t even have to look for that one. The last thing I needed was Fire. I could have had a book of matches but that was too easy. Besides I don’t smoke so I would have had to buy or borrow some from someone. So, it took me a little walking and creativity to come up with the Fire element. In the end I used a pebble. Pebbles are great additions to rituals, they can be so many elements because they have been eroded by water, wind, pressure and heat. So the pebble became my Fire element.

I held the sugar package, the leaf and the pebble out in my hand. I let the rain water get them damp. When I felt they were saturated enough I clenched my fist around them holding them tight and melding them together in my hand. I let my mind flow with thoughts, random, creative and practical thoughts. I continued to walk, along the streets for longer than I thought. To close the ritual I turned in a circle and started walking back the way I had come. I left the pebble, leaf and sugar out in the rain, by a tree trunk.

Now here I am out of the rain, indoors, having a hot coffee and watching the traffic on the road outside our apartment. Inside my mind I feel recharged. I’ve put away some things that have been bothering me. Most of all I’ve fully enjoyed being outside, feeling the power of the Earth and the Life all around us.